My Indian grandmother was a very spiritual person. She loved to go to the temple and celebrate puja. The Hindu ritual of worshipping God. As you might know there are thousands of different gods in Hinduism. So one day I asked her: „Dadi, which God do you actually believe in?“

She smiled at me softly and answered: „Kamala, there are so many names. Hundreds of names, thousands of names, but there is only one god. One love.“

„You get it my dear? For me it does not matter if you call him Ganesha. Or Jesus. Or Moses. Or Buddha“ Wherever she went, she used to install a little altar which pictures of Ganesha and Shiva, but also with a little cross. Each morning after rising she started to sing a mantra and pic some fresh flowers from her yard to grant to her gods. She lit a candle, kept singing and praying and feeding her gods with little sweets before feeding herself. „Kamala“, she said „I would never start the day without worshiping.“

Some years ago I started to follow her tradition. On my little home altar you can find a buddha statue, a little Ganesha, pictures of Jesus and Maria, some crystals, a little elve, fresh flowers and pictures of my ancestors. Each morning I light a candle, giving thanks rising one more day, for being healthy and for having a healthy family. It connects me to the spirits, higher energies which help me to start the day in a positive energy, whatever it might have in stall for me.

 The power of rituals

So think about it: Maybe there are rituals which you remember from your childhood days, from your grandparents or even your parents. Maybe some of them did not mean anything to you and still dont make you feel anything. But maybe there is something you can remember making you feel calm or centered or joyful.

You dont necessarily need to have an altar at your house. Waking up and giving thanks and also being greatful before going to bed can already be two very powerful rituals as well as giving thanks to your food before you actually start to eat.

In the beginning it might feel akward. Why? Because everything that you start newly feels fresh at some point and because we have somehow lost the connection to sacred rituals in our daily life. Rituals that are a part of our daily life, besides going to church on sunday or celebrating weddings. But today in all this chaos and the speed we live, we need them more than ever.

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